Friday, December 12, 2008

Deck the desks...

We decorated for Christmas at work today. Instead of using the crinkled, bent decorationspacked in boxes from last year, I decided to make paper snowflakes and hang them like garland from the ceiling tiles.
There is something beautiful in simplicity; crisp, white lacy snowflakes are subtle. They glide, like from the sky itself, and when you look up at them, their whiteness catches the light, it doesn't reflect the light, but rather they make you feel blanketed in the warm snow. I know, you don't think snow is warm, but I do.

When it snows, the clouds seem to insulate the earth, the air is warmer, and as long as the wind isn't whipping, everything is peaceful.

I wish I had extra strands of white twinkle lights - those twisted around the paper snowflake garlands would have made it 100 times better.

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