Friday, December 19, 2008

Lucy and the Tree

Once upon a time, there was a little puppy named Lucy. She was the prettiest, most friendly little puppy in all the land. She played and licked and snorted all day long. One day, the little puppy's mama bought a Christmas tree to be part of their little family. She decorated it with lights and ornaments, but the poor little puppy wasn't allowed in the room, for as sweet and attractive as the little puppy was, she wasn't the smartest and didn't know that glass ornaments don't make yummy snacks. So she was left all alone in her pen, while her mama gussied up the tree. A couple days went by while the little puppy's mama was at work and the little puppy and the tree were both left during the day, each of them alone in their little areas.
Finally, one evening, the little puppy's mama let the little puppy out of her pen and she ignored the tree. The little puppy's mama, surprised and baffled, took an ornament off the tree, paper of course, and held it up the puppy to admire. Well, the little puppy did not like the tree's ornament and jumped back nervously. The little puppy's mama pulled the ornament back and a miracle happened just then...The little puppy became interested in the tree's paper ornament. Suddenly, a light shined down upon the three of them and the little puppy cocked her head as she looked at this strange, new offering. And then she tried to take a bite of the tree's paper ornament.
The little puppy's mama gasped loudly and the little puppy looked up in surprise with a look that read, "Moi?." The little puppy's mama proceeded to hand the ornament back on the tree and the little puppy decided to try to climb up her mama's arm to reach the ornament.
Both the little puppy and the ornament fell and they all lived happily ever seperate places while the little puppy's mama was at work. The end.

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