Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tree

So we finally put the Christmas tree up Sunday night - we bought it on Wednesday. First, we put on the lights and then stepped back to squint. We adjusted the bald spots and stepped back again. When we were satisfied, we draped the beads. From there, things went quickly. I had unwrapped the ornaments and laid them out before the tree went up, so it was just a matter of placement.

Lucy was sad that she had to be kept out of the room, but you know how she would get. She's be nosing around, eating all the needles and knocking off ornaments. We still haven't let her in. Once we place her pen gate around the tree and clean up any stray pine needles, we'll let her be curious. I think she'll like it. I think she'll curl up in front of the tree chewing on her favorite toy and love being near her mama.

I'll post pictures of the tree soon, I promise! Good night!

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