Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lucy...Want to go swimming?

There's nothing like watching your little one do something for the first time and really enjoy doing it. For a year, we have tried to get Lucy to enjoy going in the water and she has STUBBORNLY refused, given us dagger looks, snorted in our faces, squirmed out of our arms...It's possible that she's even bitten us before trying to get away.

Well, that has all changed today. We bought her a $10 baby pool from Walmart, with short enough sides for her to jump in and out. At first we had to lift her in, she would stand still for a couple seconds, but jump out. Today, for the first time, she jumped in all by herself! She didn't last long before she jumped out, but then she jumped in again! This time, in the deep end (we placed the pool on an incline so she could stand on dry land inside the pool). So we filled the pool up higher, and she LOVED it!

I felt so proud.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

So not tech savvy....

So for whatever reason, Facebook wasn't cooperating with me. In protest, I am not going to give them the pleasure of screwing me over with the simple uploader for the 10th time today and posting these photos on the blog instead. So for you, enjoy.

Fireworks at the private beachSetting up for the fireworks, before it got dark. We got bitten soooo badly, ouch.

And of course, Saturday was the Parade. Little Lucy got to march with the RTC - she was very excited. We attached a bow and two flags to her harness and she was the prettiest pup there - everyone said so;) We did get our picture taken A LOT along the 1.5mile march.

These pictures were while we were waiting for the float. She looked like she was up until 5am partying after the parade. We all did, we were exhausted and not pretty to look at.

She did pretty well for the first half. By the second half, we had to carry her. She had finally had enough and dragged herself to the side of the road, and under some hedges, plopped down. I had to quickly pick her up and carry her down for the rest of the parade. But, we were rewarded for the rest of Saturday and today. She's spent the last 36 hours snoozing, either in her crate or on our laps:)