Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Coffee, NYC style

As I sit here drinking my coffee, I can't help but wish I was people watching, instead of blogging, at Joe in New York. If you're luckier than I am and live in the city, or closer than 90 minutes away, you should go. Use this to get there! Joe's address is 9 E. 13th St. and if you get there early enough, you might just see a hungover celeb!

Friday, May 15, 2009

CitySage is so sweet!

Anne from CitySage left me a comment which reminded me about something I wanted to share with you!

Visit her blog and enter yourself to win some of the best prizes! Gift cards to unique Etsy stores, homemade yummy soap, snuggle-worthy pillows I would never have even imagined existed, artwork, and lots of other things!! Ladies, you're going to enjoy her BlogBirthday giveaways more than you guys out there, but if any of you guys are looking for belated mother's day gifts...better get those typing fingers over to Anne's blog!!! I promise you won't be disappointed!


My scrapbooking friend, Laura, is putting together a kit for me. I don't scrapbook, but I like to look at pretty things and this kit epitomizes me. My favorites are the houndstooths and the pink and green polkadots:)

Isn't it just the bee's knees? Love it:) Thanks hon!

Etsy, etc...

HIIIIIII!!! Darlings, Darlings, I have exciting news:)

I have signed up for Etsy!

Finally, you can own one-of-a-kind items made by moi! I haven't actually posted any new items for sale yet, but that brings me to my next part of good news! I have officially signed up for Branford Festival's annual craft fair. I am sharing space with my talented Aunt who designs wedding stuff, for any of you bride-to-be's out there...Check out her Etsy, she actually has stuff for sale currently and she does CUSTOM ORDERS!!!! No matter how specific you may be...Her Etsy username is WeddingsofDesign. Below are some of my designs...but the adorable baby isn't available....

handpainted with acrylics - custom
Clutch Ball - $25

I embroidered these myself...That's a clown and a turkey. There were themes, I didn't just decide to embroider a There aren't for sale currently.
We got a little obsessed with his name...