Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Cookies and Baby Geo Balls

Today, and tomorrow, will be spent making cookies for my mother's employees. We're planning lots of different varieties from bars to cookies to popcorn to candied orange peels. Not your average cookie platter in our house...

Sometimes I wish we were more traditional. I love traditional. But, it's also nice to try something new, plus people appreciate it more when they don't receive three plates of stale store-bought madelines. Most of the people my mother works with come up with pretty creative presents. One year, we got a cocoa sampler. Another, homemade honey. My favorite were the pizzelles. They just reminded me of the lacy snowflakes in my earlier post...I wonder if that's why I enjoy them so much?
Anyways, the rest of the weekend will be spent making a geo-ball for the grandson of close family friends.

I included a picture of two balls I made for twins born to other close family friends. That's what gave us the idea. I am also going to try to make them an ornament for the baby. They just sent Owen one, which is especially poignant because shortly after my family moved to Connecticut, even before I was born, they sent Christmas ornaments. Every year, a small package would come that held three ceramic ornaments, usually children from pastoral scenes - a boy and two girls.

Even as we lost touch through the years, as life got busier and more complicated, the ornaments kept arriving. Little reminders of two of the kindest people I have ever known. I got to know them as an adult very recently at the christening of my newphew after we got back in touch with them when my sister got married. The last time I had seen them before that day, I was only seven years old or so.
Now, it's our turn. So that is why I am going to try to make an ornament for them. Maybe a little bird? For some reason I never think a Christmas tree is complete without a little bird perched on the bough. But that's another post...

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