Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Possibly the most awesome thing in the world...or atleast New Haven

Cupcakes are very in at the moment, cake is so passe...lol

Anyways, New Haven, CT agrees. Follow that Cupcake has generously provided a service to fulfill all of NH's residents with cupcakes on a rotating basis. Each day, mini cake lovers, ok...cupcake lover...get to log on to The Cupcake Truck's blog and find out where in the city the truck will be today.

They have some seriously fantastic flavors like red velvet, potato pecan, and lemon meringue. If you're ever in New Haven, I would add this to your sightseeing list!

PS, they also do parties!! How cute would that be for a wedding or birthday party, or even a graduation party?


  1. I can't even look at a cupcake without getting a craving! yum!

  2. Can you ask them to make the trip to florida?